Masjid in Ross, North Dakota established in 1929

Jamaat Masjid Al-Amin in Gary, IN. was established in 1952 and in 1971 it became the headquarters for the MSA.

Early Masajid (Mosques) in America

American Moslem Society of Dearborn, Michigan Masjid was established in 1937.

Some of the Masajid (Mosques) in America

Polish Tartars Mosque in Brooklyn, NY open in 1931.

Masjid in Highland Park, Michigan was established in 1921.

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Mother Mosque in Cedar Rapids, Iowa open in 1934

State Street Mosque in Brooklyn, NY open in 1939..

Al Masjid Al-Awwal was established in 1934 in Pittsburgh, PA.

A national survey of Masajid (mosques) found that a quarter of the 2,106 mosques were built in the past decade, most concentrated in major cities.

“New York still has the greatest number of Islamic centers – 257 – followed by 246 in California and 166 in Texas. Florida is fourth with 118.” 


Masjid Muhammad was established in 1934 and built in 1960.

Islamic Center of Washington, DC open in 1959.